Geology and Mining

Gold mining, along with rockhounding, are highly popular avocations that command the attention of millions of folks on weekend outings, or evenings spent polishing their gems and making jewelry. Our books in this section are carefully chosen informative and entertaining works.

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Gold Mining
In Oregon
Bert Webber, Ed.
Main text from State Dept. of Geology's Bulletin 61 "Gold and Silver in Oregon" (Long out of print). Some update, non-technical fun reading. New matter includes how to pan for gold. Our chapter "Panning for Gold" tells where to go, when there exactly how to do it. 86 unique historical and new pictures, 39 maps, 37 charts and graphs. Two bibliographies. Index of Mines. 350 p. 8x11 pbk. Big Book. (See shipping costs)$29.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture The Search For
Oregon's Lost Blue Bucket Mine; The Stephen Meek Wagon Train of 1845
Charles S. Hoffman
with Bert Webber
While westbound on the Oregon Trail in Oregon, Meek, with 800 people, tried to find shortcut to Willamette Valley to avoid the Blue Mountains. The party became lost in Central Oregon desert, no water (many died), but they accidentally discovered gold which was put in blue bucket but they forgot where they found the gold! Later searches failed to find site. A recent 3-year scientific expedition located and mapped each camp site and every inch of Meek trail for first time. 112p. 5x8. Photos galore. Maps. Biblio. Index. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Hoffman's
Rockhound Guide
Charles and Margaret Hoffman
Where to find all kinds of rocks suitable for jewelry making. Step-by-step methods (with photos) how to polish and finish rocks and gems. Discusses speeds of polishing barrels and load levels. Equipment, kinds of abrasives, polish, grit, tumbling steps for jewelry, etc. Table of cost effectiveness of polishes. Identification of gem stones. Table of Characteristics of Major Gem Materials. Tips on hunting for gems. Our Chapter "How to Pan For Gold" tells exactly how to do it (with pictures). Author nationally recognized for gem-finishing techniques, jewelry making. Map, where to find. 26 photos, Biblio, Index. 78p. 5x8 $9.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Dredging for Gold
Bert Webber
No other book covers this subject!
The most efficient way to placer mine. Features new Sumpter Valley Dredge State Park. Includes Yankee Fork Dredge, Liberty Dredge, huge Yuba #21 dredge that now digs for gold everyday. 115 historic and new pics. Maps. Append. Biblo. Index. 100p. 5x8 $8.95
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Book Cover Picture Newberry
National Volcanic Monument
Stuart G. Garrett
Bert Webber, Ed.
America's Newest National Monument (Nov. 5, 1990) in Central Oregon. What to see and do: Lava Butte, Cave, fishing, trails, lakes, canoeing. View from Paulina Peak unsurpassed! Snowmobiling, skiing. Only book about Newberry Monument! 125 p. 5x8 Photos. Maps. Biblo. Index.$12.95 Click to get order information
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