The Amazing Oregon Coast

Every Coast has interesting stories, but Oregon manages to be blessed with more than its fair share. From the striking variety of the lighthouses (and their enthusiasts!) that dot its wind blown coast, to the amazing tales of World War II action, the Oregon Coast continues to delight and amaze those who visit and read about its remarkable history and its continuing importance and beauty.

Book Cover Picture Battery Point and
St. George Reef
Bert and Margie Webber
The Two Most Northern California lighthouses, Battery Point lighthouse, at the Crescent City harbor entrance (41° 45' N.) and St. George Reef Lighthouse (41° 50' N.), perched on a rocky reef about six miles at sea nearly on the Oregon-California line (42° N. Lat.) were the line extended into the ocean, are so close to Oregon and isolated from the rest of California seacoast lighthouses they are often considered part of the Northwest lighthouse scene.

AT CRESCENT CITY, one can walk across the bottom of the ocean at low tide and visit inside Battery Point lighthouse. This is one of the few 19th century lighthouses still operating with a resident keeper-of-the-light. The present visitor schedule extends from April through September. Of note in Chapter 5 "Lighthouse Ghost Stories – Things That Go BUMP in the Night."

ST. GEORGE REEF LIGHTHOUSE is inaccessible (9½ nautical miles northwest from Battery Point) but those with a suitable boat can cruise to and around it. Some charter boats journey to the lighthouse. The giant granite lighthouse shaft is impressive with its lantern room 146 feet above high water. Men used to live in there!

ALSO PART OF THIS BOOK is the story, with pictures, of the giant tsunami that swept away much of the downtown portion of Crescent City in 1964 leaving death and destruction. Here is an eye-witness account of the tidal waves – 5 of them one after the other as they pounded the city – as viewed by the keeper from Battery Point lighthouse.

88 Photographs Map Bibliography Appendix Index 5½x8½.
ISBN 0-936738-92-8 (Year 2000 edition) $12.95
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Book Cover Picture I'd Rather Be Beachcombing
Bert and Margie Webber
Beachcombing, the world's greatest free hobby. Emphasis on glass fishnet floats. There are lots of glass floats. Go find some! Reference authority on where to find them based on oceanographic factors that control what is cast upon beaches. Fun reading. 144p. 5½x8½. Many photos. Biblio. Index.$12.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Oregon's Salty Coast
James A. Gibbs
with Bert Webber
Best ever popularly written book on details of coast from early explorers- what they found; what they missed - to present day excitement of buried treasure, oriental junks, Indian encounters, bars, jetties, old-time Lifesaving Service and modern Coast Guard; war-time risks - what is there to enjoy today. Keen, non-technical fun to read book, includes all state parks and other fascinating places. 5½x8½ Many photos. Maps. Biblio. Index.$12.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Oregon's Seacoast Lighthouses
James A. Gibbs
with Bert Webber
Nostalgic, romantic, picturesque, mysterious, awesome, sturdy lighthouses! All Oregon Coast lighthouses past and present. Lots of exciting stories includes some shipwrecks. Dozens of rare photos not in other books. A thorough book. 265p. 5½x8½. Biblio. Index. $14.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture "Terrible Tilly"
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
Bert and Margie Webber
Tillamook Rock 1-mile offshore, was manned full-time showing powerful 1st order Fresnel light from 1881-1957 then discontinued. Severe winter storms knocked out its light 133-feet above sea, injuring the crew. "Ham" Radio Saves Men! Authors recount life, emergencies, with historical accuracy. Amazing diary of events of early builders clinging to rock with bare hands during winter storms. "Tilly" now columbarium is National Wildlife Refuge. Loads of unique photos. 124p. 5½x8½. Biblio. Index. $12.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Bayocean
The Oregon Town That
Fell Into the Sea

Nominated: "Creative Non-Fiction,
Oregon Institute of Literary Arts"

Bert and Margie Webber

Coastal erosion has occurred in dozens of places along the Northwest Coast but nowhere as severe as on Oregon’s Tillamook Spit. Here, much of the town of Bayocean fell into the sea one house at a time and the ocean tore down a 140-foot high dune as well as a three story hotel on top of it. An angry sea took over twenty years to do this, then in November 1952, giant breakers collapsed the spit leaving only the far end, Kincheloe Point, as an island. Dr. John Potter Dobbins, a scientist and grandson of T. B. Potter, the developer of Bayocean, wrote:

"Authors Bert and Margie Webber have been visiting, hiking, beachcombing and researching about Bayocean for over 17 years [as of 1989]. They have talked with dozens who once lived or vacationed there. Their earlier books about Bayocean, and other eroding areas along the Northwest Coast, are eclipsed by the scope of the present work."

Today one can drive to Bayocean on a U. S. Army Corps of Engineers-built breakwater to a public parking lot. Just being there, knowing of the past, may give some an eerie feeling. But this does not stop beachcombers, and fishermen, or the horsy set who ride their animals there on weekends where once there was a lively community.

This documentary also presents Siletz Spit, commonly called "Salishan Spit" — itself already breached at least twice by the ocean; Nestucca Spit; Cape Lookout State Park; Newport and Jump-Off Joe; the Southern Oregon Coast ’s washout near Ophir Safety Rest Area and at the parking lot at base of north jetty on the Coquille River near Bandon. Includes Washington’s infamous "Wash-away" Beach, on the present remains of once beautiful but totally destructed Cape Shoalwater along with its lighthouses.

This book includes 196 pictures and 20 maps, unique cartoons about Bayocean, generous Bibliography and Index. 206p. 5½x8½. Biblio, Index. $14.95
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Book Cover Picture Battle Rock
The Hero's Story
Bert and Margie Webber
Survivors 1st hand account!
Men try to found town of Port Orford on Oregon coast, 1851, met by hostile Indians. Deadly fight. Rock now public park. Climb to top, see graves. Includes amazing WWII incident! 57 photos, maps, 75p. 5½x8½. Biblio. Index. $8.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Battery Point Light
and the Tidal Wave of 1964. Includes St. George Reef Lighthouse
Bert and Margie Webber
Operating lighthouse at Crescent City, Calif. with full-time resident keeper. Public museum has exciting exhibits, tours. Seasonal access short walk over rocks when tide is out. Wheel-chair accessible. Book offers eyewitness account of devastating tidal wave that wrecked city. Includes St. George reef lighthouse now abandoned and lighthouse Ghost stories. Nearby shipwreck Brother Jonathan cemetery. 94p. 5½x8½ Biblio. Index.$9.95 Click to get order information
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