Pacific Northwest Barcode Services
Building Custom Barcode Masters for Products (UPC)
and Books (EAN-13)


All books, as well as most other commercial products, are not considered ready for market today unless the item has a BARCODE. Pacific Northwest Barcode Services, our BARCODE Division, is the designated maker of EAN-13 custom BARCODES by the R. R. Bowker ISBN Agency for authors, graphic design agencies, and publishers in Oregon, as well as for those elsewhere in the United States.

BARCODE incorporates the ISBN and the price in US Dollars that a publisher assigns as the selling price of the book. The Barcodes we build for you are based on code numbers assigned by a sponsoring agency. In some cases where the price is not wanted, the BARCODE can be supplied without a price extension. It is of particular importance if the book is to be sold in the US and in Canada. Special stickers can even be supplied for products already printed without a Barcode!

Our Standard Size is shown here:

Other sizes are available for special purposes. Please call.

BARCODE is supplied by eMail. If you want more than one size from same ISBN or UPC, please call our Pruduction Office and discuss with them before placing your order. Each additional size is only $8 if ordered at the same time as basic order.

Laser printed (NO ink-jets allowed!) camera ready BARCODE is available on extra hard HAMMERMILL No. 1 bias #24 paper, delivered by First Class Postal Mail anywhere in the USA. Add $10 for printed BARCODE.

Due to the whimsical nature of the Web, the sample Barcode image above cannot be dependably be shown in its actual correct size.

All BARCODEs supplied meet industry standards, and readability is guaranteed.
Since 1992, we've never had a barcode returned as "unreadable."
Please see our Guarantee and our Terms and Conditions.

To obtain the numbers needed to make a Barcode, call:
For BOOKS: R. R. Bowker (ISBN Agency) Toll Free: 877-310-7333 (New Jersey)
For GENERAL PRODUCTS: Universal Price Code (UPC) 937-435-3870 (Ohio)

Our Services are recommended by both of these agencies, based on our camera ready clarity, and promptness of service.

To order a BARCODE for your book(s), send ISBN and your assigned cover price.
We will custom build your BARCODE and send it right out to you. Just fill out our Custom BARCODE Order Work-sheet [click here] and include your Visa or MasterCard information, then FAX or mail your order directly to our production facility. The price is only $30.00 for each BARCODE and includes immediate delivery by eMail. US Postal mail delivery is also available.

Service is usually only 24 hours through our shop!

Proceed to printable Custom Barcode Order Worksheet.

Questions? Call our production office at 1-856-783-2714, Mon.-Fri. 9am-3:30pm Pacific Time. Be sure to provide your name and complete mailing address.
Your order is best sent by FAX to 856-783-2302.

To send your request via mail, enclose your data with check to:

Pacific Northwest Barcode Services
Production Facility Number 2
P.O. Box 456, Stratford, NJ 08084

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