Southern Oregon

Loosely defined as a vast area south of Roseburg, west of the Cascade Mountains, east of the Coast Range, and extending to the California line. There is light annual precipitation, hot summers, little winter snow on the floor of the agricultural Rogue River Valley. Its superb cities include Amazing Ashland "Shakespeare town", National Historic District Antique Jacksonville, and the hub city of Medford through which runs the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad.

Book Cover Picture The Lure of Medford

Railroads - Airplanes - Buildings - Pipe Organs
Bert and Margie Webber

Southern Oregon's premier city was not the first town in the region- When Jacksonville and Ashland were thriving, Medford was not yet a happy thought. It was the wheeling and dealing of speculators and the Oregon & California Railroad that forced the birth of Medford. Due to the railroad, the town grew to Jacksonville's near demise. Here is the story of Medford then and now. Its architect, Frank N. Clark designed hundreds of it business and residential properties. Medford had the first commercial airport and first air mail service in Oregon and in the 1920's, a never-to-be-forgotten pipe organ salesman hit the town. The Lure of Medford is a fast-paced, striking adventure.
145 photos - 9 maps. 5x8 Append. Biblio. Index. $12.95
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Book Cover Picture Jacksonville, Oregon
Antique Town in a Modern Age
Bert and Margie Webber
From the belfry of the Presbyterian Church into the caved in ruins of depression era under-street gold mines, here is popular account of rise and fall-but never a ghost town- of Jacksonville in Oregon's Rogue River Valley. Founded 1851 as tent city due to gold rush, first brick buildings in Oregon; had its own railroad. Town fell on hard times, was forgotten until about 1960. Now principal historic town in Oregon noted for bed & breakfasts, antique shops in original 19th century bldgs. Famous for Britt Music Festival under the stars, Children's Festival. 128p. 5x8. Historic and new photos. Maps. Append. Biblio, Index. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Ashland - An Oregon Oasis DOCUMENTARY
Janelle Davidson
"Experience the Plaza, Lithia Park, a Shakespeare play. Make my day." -D. A. Florencio
Ashland. It has it all! Small town charm with big city culture, year around recreation, great parks, good schools and a fine place to raise your kids. Ashland. Nowhere else in Oregon is like it. Not even close. Ashland is home to Southern Oregon State University and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Also covers the town's amazing history. 141 photos in 162 p. 5x8 Maps. Biblio. Index. $12.95
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Book Cover Picture THE SISKIYOU LINE

Bert and Margie Webber

THE SISKIYOU LINE is a chunk out of the Southern Pacific's original Shasta Route, the rails that stretch from Oakland, California to Portland, Oregon by way of the fantastic Siskiyou Mountains. This line is now operated by the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad (CORP) between Springfield Junction and Black Butte, south of Mt. Shasta in California.

How else to describe the Siskiyous other than as amazingly beautiful in summer and winter alike with twisting super-serpentine bends of rails up and down the mountains, the steepest grades on all of the SP (3.67%) through many tunnels, alongside a mountain with a glistening snowy top in winter and summer.
THE SISKIYOU LINE includes chapters on each of the shortline railroads that connected into this main line.
More than just a "documentary report" of what is there, THE SISKIYOU LINE is an adventure with its own personality right from Chapter One, "Crossing the Siskiyous on a Modern Freight" when photo-journalist Bert Webber rode in the cab to make the "impossible" photographs which adorn many pages.
THE SISKIYOU LINE is intended for railroad fanciers and working railroad folks alike. Includes some nitty-gritty data about locomotives and their specifications as well as the nostalgic days of the Ashland - Grants Pass commuter called The "Whiskey" Local. Hints are there about the plausible resumption of future commuter service on that line. CORP official said, "We like this book for its reality." Book is 8 x 11 inches. 192 pages, 338 pictures, 28 maps $24.95 Paper, $48.95 Hardback
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Book Cover Picture Oregon's Great Train Holdup
Bandits Murder 4, Didn't Get a Dime!
Last Great Train Holdup in the West
Bert and Margie Webber
Train holdup, excitement, murder in mountain tunnel; mail car dynamited. bandits escape; the 3-year search and capture. On scene photos of the aftermath! Detailed, lively text. 86 p. 5x8 $8.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Oregon Covered Bridges
Bert and Margie Webber
Photos by John Snook and others
Here is information about Oregon's 65 covered bridges not found in other books. See present bridges, including six recently added bridges. How to drive to them. How to photograph them. Biblio. Gloss. 110p. 5x8 $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Single-Track to Jacksonville
The Rogue River Valley Railroad
Bert and Margie Webber
Jacksonville Railroad only 5 miles long, its colorful history, strategy for survival included electric trolly carts. Equipment photos and operations. Book commemorates centenniel of RR, parts which remain today including original 1891 loco. 127p. 5x8. Biblio. Index. Gift Edition hardback $24.95 - pbk. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Camp White Oregon
The 91st Inf. (Fir Tree) Division
Chris Hald M.D.
with Bert Webber
Rugged WWII Infantry training and faux pas near Medford, Oregon. First hand account. The infamous 91-mile march. Book loaded with rare photos. Many never published before. Hald, from buck private to full Colonel of infantry. Maps. Biblio. Index. "Historically accurate, fun to read." 124p. 5x8 $9.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Ruch
and the Upper Applegate Valley
John and Marguerite Black
Village of Ruch (pro: Roosh) in Oregon's Applegate Valley, Jackson County. Its people, activities, schools, all 11 post offices (only one left). Hundreds of names, book is prize for genealogists, historians. 240p. 5x. Photos; maps; postmarks. Biblio, Index. (new 1994 printing) $12.95 Click to get order information
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